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An app for your business? Here’s why you need one.

An app for your business? Here’s why you need one. Five years ago a small insurance broker in Calgary, Alberta called Sharp Insurance contacted us to build an app for their clients. It was at a time when most, if not all, insurance brokers relied solely on phone...

Mobile App vs. Website

Mobile App vs. Website Short Answer Build a mobile application if you expect each user to make frequent use of your service, if you require offline usage, if you’re providing more than just information, and/or if your budget is high. Table of Contents Mobile...

Carassauga App by harpLabs

Carassauga App by harpLabs Summary We, harpLabs Inc., built the app for one of the largest multicultural festivals in the world, Carassauga. The app was used by attendees in 2016 and 2017. What is Carassauga? Carassauga is a festival that takes place annually in...

Should I Use WordPress?

Should I Use WordPress? Short Answer Use WordPress if you don’t plan on making a site as complex as Facebook or Reddit, and if you plan to only support a handful of WordPress’s easy-to-implement features. Table of Contents What is WordPress? Easy-to-add...


Our Three Core Principles

harpLabs is built on three core principles:
  • Our customer's vision: We aim to understand our customer's business, mission, and rationale so the products we create perfectly suit their vision.
  • The latest technology: We strive to employ the latest available technology so that your products are as advanced as can be.
  • Rapid production: Our goal is to launch products fast to the market so our customers can be the early birds of their industry.