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Project Description

ioTCAN is a Canadian company that has LoRaWAN Network setup in towers across Canada.  LoRaWAN is one of the latest internet of things (iot) smart cities technology that allows devices to use low power to transmit certain information. harpLabs was tasked with creating a website for them to manage location based devices. 

Project Details

Client ioTCAN
Date ongoing
Work Done Web Design, Web Development, ioT device integration

The website required features such as location tracking, geofencing devices, and location history. The website communicated with an Actility server API to register devices and retrieve their location information. This state of the art project is still ongoing as ioTCAN expands its offering and tries to sell its products into the emerging IOT market.


Our Three Core Principles

harpLabs is built on three core principles:
  • Our customer's vision: We aim to understand our customer's business, mission, and rationale so the products we create perfectly suit their vision.
  • The latest technology: We strive to employ the latest available technology so that your products are as advanced as can be.
  • Rapid production: Our goal is to launch products fast to the market so our customers can be the early birds of their industry.