5 years of business. 30+ clients. 50+ projects.

Examples Of Our Work

Anba Abraam Charity

Anba Abraam Charity is a Canadian registered charity that has been serving underprivileged communities since 1994.

We were tasked to set up a CMS, and support 4 different means of donating. As a result, we developed, from scratch, 2 custom WordPress plugins.


TaperMD is a web application designed to track and moderate medications taken by seniors. The application is developed by Data Based Medicine Americas Ltd. in conjunction with the Department of Family Medicine at McMaster University.

TaperMD provides health care providers with a clinical pathway to easily review all medications a patient is taking, along with warnings, tools, and protocols to help reduce and manage the medication burden in seniors.


In July 2012, a small Alberta-based insurance broker hired us to create a mobile application, mySharp. mySharp allows users to view and manage their insurance information and pink cards online.

In addition, we were able to do what no one had done before in the insurance industry: we developed software that extracted customer insurance data from outdated insurance communication protocols.

3 years later, Sharp Insurance became the fastest growing insurance broker in Canada.[2] The project was so successful that it spun off another company, Sharp Mobile that distributes the app to other insurance brokers.

The app is available on Apple, Android, Windows, and Blackberry devices — in English andFrench. Currently, over 40 insurance brokers use mySharp, and the number is only growing.


Our Three Core Principles

harpLabs is built on three core principles:
  • Our customer's vision: We aim to understand our customer's business, mission, and rationale so the products we create perfectly suit their vision.
  • The latest technology: We strive to employ the latest available technology so that your products are as advanced as can be.
  • Rapid production: Our goal is to launch products fast to the market so our customers can be the early birds of their industry.