Destination M

Project Description

Destination-M allows members to book different vacation homes around the world. Different booking rules are applied based on their plan, how far ahead they book, etc. In addition to all this, there’s a lottery period which allows users to pick their top destinations during high demand times and a lottery is auto-calculated to distribute the bookings. Finally, there’s an interface for admins where members, properties, emails, and other elements are all managed. 

Project Details

Client Destination M Inc.
Work Done Web Design, Web Development, Custom Booking Management Application

Responsive & Intuitive UI

User experience was prioritized throughout the app and was made user-friendly for desktop, tablet and mobile users. The layout has been designed to be easily intuitive and eye-pleasing to ensure a comfortable and effortless experience.

Admin Portal

A custom portal for members allows users to view available properties, book travel dates, and stay updated on the latest news from Destination M.

Custom Booking Software

We created a custom booking management software for our client as they required very complex rules and requirements for their property bookings. This included adjusting dates and times for different time zones, as well as working with their lottery system.

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