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Project Description

In July 2012, a small Alberta-based insurance broker hired us to create a mobile application, mySharp. mySharp allows users to view and manage their insurance information and pink cards online.

In addition, we were able to do what no one had done before in the insurance industry: we developed software that extracted customer insurance data from outdated insurance communication protocols.

3 years later, Sharp Insurance became the fastest growing insurance broker in Canada.[2] The project was so successful that it spun off another company, Sharp Mobile that distributes the app to other insurance brokers.

The app is available on Apple, Android, Windows, and Blackberry devices — in English and French. Currently, over 40 insurance brokers use mySharp, and the number is only growing.

Project Details

Client Sharp Insurance
Date On Going
Work Done Data parsing, system integration, app development

Multiplatform App Development

Using Cordova we were able to create an app for iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone.

Highly Customizable and Skinnable Apps

The app was created so it can be customized to each client’s liking. The client can choose different colours, logo, and images to align with their own branding.

Multi-language App Development

Multi language support was added for Brokers who are working with clients from different backgrounds and cultures.

Screen Pinning with Fingerprint Lock/Unlock

For added security the phone’s fingerprint reader was used to pin certain screens on the app. This is if the client wants to hand their phone to authority to show their pink card but not allow them to browse anything else on the phone.

Automated Weather Alerts

An automated service which connects to Weather Canada was built to inform the clients via push notification when their insured properties were under extreme or severe weather conditions. These alerts were sent out regardless of the client’s locations.

Targeted & Custom Push Notifications

A feature was built in to allow the broker to send targeted push notifications to their clients. ie. A broker can send out push notifications to clients that have an auto insurance with two vehicles.

Maximum Security

All sensitive data is secured via data encryption and secure communication protocols.

Multi-point Data Redundancy

Multi point data redundancy is setup to assure data recovery options are available at different areas in case of data corruption.

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