Project Description

TaperMD is a web application designed to track and moderate medications taken by seniors. The application is developed by Data Based Medicine Americas Ltd. in conjunction with the Department of Family Medicine at McMaster University.

TaperMD provides health care providers with a clinical pathway to easily review all medications a patient is taking, along with warnings, tools, and protocols to help reduce and manage the medication burden in seniors.

Project Details

Client Data Based Medicine Americas Ltd.
Date On Going
Work Done Web Design, Web Development, Database Web API, Deployment to AWS
View https://meds.tapermd.org

Responsive & Intuitive UI

User experience was prioritized throughout the app and was made user-friendly for desktop, tablet and mobile users. Powered by React, the web app is fast and responsive to the click. The layout has been designed to be easily intuitive and eye-pleasing to ensure a comfortable and effortless experience.

Advanced Interaction Checker

Utilizing the Medi-span Interaction Screening API, the interaction checker will inform doctors and patients of any potential interactions from multiple drug usage. It updates automatically as a patient’s medication list is altered, ensuring the safest experience for the patient.

TaperMD Web API

We created a dedicated, fast API for TaperMD. It handles all drug related information including drug look up, suggested dosages, drug annotations and more. The API is regularly updated so that reliable information is readily available for you.

Top Standard Security

All sensitive patient data is secured via data encryption and secure communication protocols. The application is also compliant with HIPAA (The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) which sets the standard for sensitive patient data protection. 

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