Anba Abraam Charity





Project Description

Anba Abraam Charity is a Canadian registered charity that has been serving underprivileged communities since 1994.

We were tasked to set up a CMS, and support 4 different means of donating. As a result, we developed, from scratch, 2 custom WordPress plugins.

Project Details

Client Anba Abraam Charity
Date November 23, 2016
Work Done Web Design, Web Development, WordPress Custom Plugin Development

Four Donation Methods

Shop By Catalogue

Online Monthly Donations

Custom WordPress Plugin Development

Created a custom wordpress plugin that connects to the client’s preferred payment gateway.  The plugin allowed supporters to “shop” for products to donate or choose to pay a monthly donation for a specific cause.  The plugin also included an admin view to view all one time and recurring donations.

Supporters Database

A custom online form is filled out by the charity supporters and the information is saved on an online database that is securely saved and only accessible by website admins.

Custom Online Form

New Visitor Popup

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