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We have earned a reputation for delivering high quallity products and services. Whether you are a small startup or a large corporation, we can help you build your software and manage digital marketing to grow your business.

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Premium Sites & Software

SEO optimized websites. High-end mobile applications. Custom software solutions. Modern digital marketing.



SEO optimized marketing sites and web applications.

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Web Development

Mobile Apps

Go mobile with tablet and handheld applications.

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Mobile Development

Custom Software

Optimize your business with custom software solutions.

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Custom Software

Digital Marketing

Increase revenue with SEM, SEO and digital advertising.

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Digital Marketing

How We Work

HarpLabs is a development growth partner that offers web design, software development and digital marketing. Leveraging 10+ years of experience building solutions to help our clients run, market and grow their businesses.


We diagnose your project and see if we can help you.


We design a tailored solution for your business and market.


We demonstrate similar solutions and capabilities for your project.


We determine the project roadmap and begin work.

Realize Your Vision

See your business vision translated onto a website, mobile app or custom software.

Reach Your Customers

With development plans for all systems, you’ll always reach your target audience.

Boost Business Engagement

Our websites and applications are developed with search engine optimization to drive web traffic.

Recent Work

Hero image of recently built site Hero image of recently built site Hero image of recently built site Hero image of recently built site Hero image of recently built site Hero image of recently built site

Popular services for business websites.

Web Services

Power up your online presense.

SEO and Content Update

SEO + Content Update

Keep your website the same but improve Google's ability to understand your content.

Visual Redesign + Technical Refresh

Visual Redesign + Technical Refresh

Modernize your website, update the content and improve your business' branding.

New Marketing Website

Marketing Website

Build a high converting multipage website for customers to find and contact your business.

Brand New Web Application

Brand New Web Application

A new web application for e-commerce, content management and other needs.

Looking for Custom Apps & Software?

Custom Apps & Business Software All services

Core Principles

We follow these guidelines to build websites, web apps, mobile apps, and custom software to take your organization to the next level.


Your solution will be optimized for performance by an experienced team of local developers.


Your solution will adapt to devices to look and function well on all screen sizes and platforms.


Because looks do matter. We build your solution to beautifully represent your business.


Your solution will follow our deliberate process for creating easy to use interfaces and experiences that convert customers.


We build your solutions according to your specific needs and modern professional software development standards.


We build your solution with secure technologies to offer give you control over your data, content and information.

Free SEO strategy

Improve your organic marketing strategy Today without spending a dime.

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Sites, apps, software & more.

Custom Business Software

Static Web Apps

Dynamic Web Apps

Single Page Apps

Multiple Page Apps

Mobile Apps

Custom Websites

Landing Pages

Content Management System

E-commerce Apps

Digital Ads*

Marketing Page

Membership Site


Premium Ecom Store


Web School

Progressive Web Apps

Freemium Site

Business Dashboard

Portal Web Apps

Custom Software Services

Build standard to enterprise mobile apps and custom software.

Pay as you go.

We fulfill your requests at a competitive hourly rate.


Paid Monthly

Mobile Apps

For businesses with mobile software development needs. 

Payment plans available

Custom Business Software

For businesses that need custom integrated solutions.

Payment plans available

Advanced Complexity/IOT

For business with advanced software and Internet of Things needs.

Payment plans available

Looking for Web Services?

Custom Web Solutions All services


How much does it cost to build an app or custom software?

Typical software features - users & accounts, notifications, admin panels & levels, user generated content, integrations, and security - make up a small portion of your cost. Custom features that make your app unique determine the total project cost. See Services Pricing.

How long will my custom software project take?

A complex software project involving networking, IOT, AR, VR, AI and lots of custom code will typically take 6 months to a year. If your software is not this complex you can expect it to take 3 months on average.

How long will my website project take?

A marketing website for your business will take 2 weeks on average. Websites that require e-commerce, content management and custom data will take up to 1 month. Websites that involve third party integrations, custom code or connection to your custom software depend on the scope of the custom software.

What technologies and programming language will be used?

A hard question to answer as technology is always changing, and businesses require unique solutions. Our developers use technologies that have been around for decades for their reliability and are always learning new technologies as they are developed to build the best possible products for our clients.

How will we communicate with each other?

We will primarily communicate project progress through Slack and regular meetings. Our director, designers and developers will be readily available to answer any questions and receive direction for your project.

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